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About the Executive Director

Michael Best has a long tenure within the affordable housing industry, spending the last 32 years with the Greenville Housing Authority, where he served as Director of Neighborhood Services for eight years, was promoted to Assistant Executive Director in 1997, became Acting Executive Director in 2001 and, since 2003, had been Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer in Greenville.

Best served in the Army from 1985 to 2014 in positions including Platoon Leader, Company Commander, S3, and Battalion Executive Officer as a Military Police Officer. He is also an NC Licensed General Contractor, Home Inspector, and Real Estate Broker.

Alice Sadler, the Chairperson of the Housing Authority's board of commissioners, said he "checked off all the boxes regarding his experience in housing development. He made it clear that he's someone who will help grow and cross-train our staff, promote from within, and who wants the staff and our city's housing residents - to grow.

Best takes his position as a leader within the agency seriously. "My intent is to open the door wider for our employees and for all organizations related to housing. I can't make it effective on my own. This is not about one person. The staff and our stakeholders in the community are essential components of a good housing authority."

Michael Best, Executive Director, smiles for his headshot.

Michael Best, Executive Director