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Residents who want to place a work order for their unit should call the WHA Maintenance Department during office hours, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at 252.946.9977.

Place a Maintenance Work Order Online

In the event of an after-hour emergency, residents should call 252.946.9977.

NOTE: We charge a $21.96 fee (for WHA) for non-emergency calls received after working hours, weekends, and holidays.

Emergency Calls:

  • Fire and Police calls = 911
  • The main sewer line stops up
  • Electrical shortage: switches or receptacles sparking or smoking
  • Toilet stop up or won't flush: Until 10 PM and only has 1 toilet
  • Water line break inside of the unit
  • Busted water heater
  • Smoke/CO Detector: Beeping or going off
  • Door and window locks = Resident cannot secure unit
  • No heat: From October 15 - April 15
  • The gas smell inside or outside of the unit

All other calls should be referred to be addressed on the next business day.

Non-Emergency Calls:

  • Traps under sink leaking (put a pan or bucket under to catch the water until the next business day
  • Dripping water spigot
  • Breaker in panel box not holding (does not include the main breaker)
  • Adjusting thermostat
  • Door locks

The maintenance department responds to work orders requested by residents. Our maintenance department also provides routine, preventive, and emergency maintenance work to ensure decent, safe, and sanitary housing for WHA residents.