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WHA and City of Washington Partner with NRP - Neighborhood Revitalization Program

Neighborhood Revitalization Project. All information from this flyer is listed in the photo caption. A Washington Housing Authority sign in the dirt with a box of flyers that says Take One. A job site with holes dugout for pipes. A tractor sitting next to a job site. A job site for a house with many holes dug up for pipes and foundation. A view of three trees next to a job site for a house. A dirt foundation for a house. A sign for Horton Contractor Inc sitting in the ground. A view of the dirt foundation for a house at a job site. Construction workers standing around a house frame. Two construction workers working on the framing of a house. Two construction workers hard at work on the frame of a house. One is measuring and cutting wood. Three construction workers standing on the backside of the house frame. One is standing on the top of the frame. Construction workers inspecting the framing of the house. A closeup of the interior framing of a house. The framing on the inside of the house. A view of a construction worker working on the roof of the house frame. A closeup of the wrap on the framing of the house. The side view of the wrap on the house frame. A close up of the wrap on the house frame from the side of the house. A view of the roof and entrance to the house frame. A wide view of the house frame with wrap on it. The interior view of the framing of the house and PVC pipe. A closeup of some PVC pipe and the interior framing. The housing framing from the inside of the house. The view of where water lines will be connected inside of the house. The bathtub and shower sitting in the house completed. The view of a single room inside of the house. Packages of windows wrapped up in plastic. Two doors resting on a wall in the house. A view of the back patio.