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New Resident Services Department

I am pleased to announce the establishment of our Resident Services Department.  Washington Housing currently has a Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) coordinator on staff to work with 45 of our families residing in Public Housing or participating in the Housing Choice Voucher program. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced on April 6, 2021 that the Washington Housing Authority was approved to receive the Resident Opportunities and Self-Sufficiency grant.   We will be adding another layer of resident services when we hire a Resident Opportunities and Self Sufficiency Service Coordinator (ROSS-SC).  This person will be charged with connecting you with private and public resources that will allow elderly families to age in place and promote job stability and self-sufficiency.  This program is in the development stages, but I plan to have this program fully implemented later this year.  As always, thank you for allowing me to serve you.

Vanessa L. Dunn, MPA
Executive Director