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FSS Program: Family Self-Sufficiency Program

How to make it work for ME!

What is FSS?

The FSS Program helps families in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, residents of Public Housing, and project-based Section 8 developments to increase their earnings and build financial capability and assets. The FSS Program is designed to assist families and individuals in becoming financially independent. Participation in the program requires a personal commitment by each individual.

Key Features of FSS

  • An incentive in the form of an Escrow Account
  • Access to case management to help participants access resources needed to overcome barriers that are keeping them from meeting their goals.

How Does it Work?

Once a family is selected to become a participant of the FSS Program, a Contract of Participation will be signed between the two parties (client and coordinator). The contract will explain the rights and responsibilities of both parties. The contract will be a term of 5 years or more if there is a good cause for extension of the contract. The contract can include family members over the age of 18 for individual care plan goals. The plan consists of long and short-term goals. The FSS Coordinator finds services and resources the family may need to help achieve their individual goals.

The Math: An Example

A tenant has no employment and pays $50.00 a month in rent. However, this tenant decides that he/she wants to participate in the FSS Program and start working while in the program. Then rent goes up to $350.00 a month. The difference in the rent goes into an escrow account, which is like a savings account. That money stays there until you graduate from the program. 

The math is $350.00 Rent Increase - $50.00 Prior Rent = $300.00 Difference.

The Math:

The possibility of what you can end up with in your escrow account. This program is for those that work as well.

$300.00 x 60 Months = $18,000 in 5 or more years in the program. Note: This is an example. However, it gives you an idea of how you can earn an escrow account while in the program.

Am I Eligible for FSS?

If you currently have a Housing Choice Voucher or live in Public Housing and you are NOT working or employed, you may be a good candidate for FSS.

The Program Offers:

  1. Financial Independence
  2. Educational Programs
  3. Possibility of Homeownership
  4. Escrow Account
  5. Accountability
  6. Counseling: Mentally/Physically
  7. Employment
  8. And so much more!

If you are interested, contact:

Kimberly Grimes, FSS Coordinator
252.644.2396 or email Kimberly.

FSS Flyer. All information from this flyer is listed above.