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Washington Housing Authority offers Family Self-Sufficiency program

WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) - The city of Washington's Housing Authority wants the community to know about all of the different services that are available to them.

WHA owns and manages more than 380 public housing units in the city. There is a shortage of affordable low-income housing in many communities, and WHA wants to help fix that problem. It provides decent, safe and sanitary housing options but that's not all the agency is focused on. 

For example, the Family Self Sufficiency program offers services to help families gain independence. Right now, there are 47 families participating in the program.

"We set up an escrow account so when they begin to work, and their rent goes up that difference goes into that escrow account and at the end of those five years then they receive that money as a part of their graduation to hopefully be able to put a down payment on their own home," said Vanessa Dunn, Executive Director for Washington Housing Authority.

According to the agency, 10% of the city of Washington's population resides in public housing units, which is why these programs are so essential. 

Applications for the FSS program are open for anyone to apply. Once your name is on the waitlist WHA will determine eligibility. 

Story originally published by WNCT9 on April 5, 2021.