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Public Notice- Proposed Payment Standard




Washington Housing Authority seeks public comment on the
proposed payment standard

The Washington Housing Authority (WHA) invites all interested parties to review and comment on the proposed payment standard. The WHA's payment standard will be available for review on the WHA's website during the period of Thursday, September 23, 2021, to Saturday, October 23, 2021.

Written comments may be submitted by email to or postmarked before midnight, Saturday, October 23, 2021, and sent to the following address:

Washington Housing Authority
Attn: Tiara Woods
PO Box 1046
Washington, NC 27889


Payment Standards for Beaufort County

Schedule 22
Effective 1-1-2022


Published HUD Fair Market Rent            Payment Standards

0 Bedroom $571                                              $628

1 Bedroom $575                                              $633

2 Bedroom $724                                              $796

3 Bedroom $997                                              $1,097

4 Bedroom $1,100                                           $1,210

5 Bedroom $1,265                                           $1,392


HUD publishes Proposed Fair Market Rents in September and finalizes them in October. The Housing Authority is required to implement these rents in a method called Payment Standards. Each PHA can set their payment standards from 90% to 110% of the Fair Market Rents. The rental market in each Housing Authority's local jurisdiction governs this process. WHA recommends that the Payment Standard be set at 110% of Fair Market Rent.

The FMRs for unit sizes larger than four bedrooms are calculated by adding 15 percent to the four-bedroom FMR, for each extra bedroom. For example, the FMR for a five-bedroom unit is 1.15 times the four-bedroom FMR, and the FMR for a six-bedroom unit is 1.30 times the four-bedroom FMR.