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Notice to Tenants of Proposed Rent and/or Utility Allowance Change


Date Posted

You as a tenant are hereby notified that, subject to Rural Development approval, rents and/or utility allowances will be changed effective 1/1/2022.

Washington Housing Authority (Owner) has filed with Rural Development, United States Department of Agriculture, a request for approval of a change in the monthly rent rates and/or utility allowances of Clifton Meadows Apartments for the following reasons:

1. Increase in operating and maintenance expenses.
2. Increase in administrative expenses.

Planned rent changes are as follows:

Unit Size       Present Rent                   Proposed Rent                

                     Basic        Note Rate        Basic        Note Rate

1-Bedroom     $428.00     $520.00        $503.00      $595.00

2-Bedroom     $484.00     $550.00        $559.00      $625.00

3-Bedroom     $531.00     $585.00        $606.00      $660.00

Amount Changed: $75.00


Planned utility allowance changes are as follows:

Unit Size       Present Utility Allowance      Proposed Utility Allowance  

1-Bedroom         $117                                   $117

2-Bedroom         $150                                   $150

3-Bedroom         $179                                   $205  

3-Bedroom Amount Change: $26


Since you receive subsidy, your contribution for rent and utilities will NOT be changed so long as your income and household composition remain unchanged.

All materials justifying the proposed changes have been reviewed by Rural Development and will be made available to you and other tenants to inspect and copy.

You may submit comments or objections in writing to the Rural Development Servicing Official during the 20-day period immediately following the posting of this notice. Comments or objections should include reasons or information you feel should be considered by the Rural Development Servicing Official. Your comments or objections must be filed prior to October 20, 2021, with the Rural Development Servicing Official, Ginger Taylor, at the Servicing office located at 403 Government Circle, Suite 3, Greenville, NC 27834

These comments will be reviewed by the Rural Development Servicing Official and forwarded to the Rural Development approval official who will decide if the change(s) should be approved.

Each tenant will be notified in writing of the Rural Development decision to approve or deny the change. The approved rents and utility allowances will then be effective upon the effective date given above. If the approved change cannot be made effective by such date, an additional notice will be posted and the tenants will be notified in writing that new rents and utility allowances will be effective at the next rent due date following the additional notice and the Rural Development approval.

By: Washington Housing Authority
Borrower/Borrower's Representative