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A Message from the Executive Director

I am excited to be a member of the Washington Housing Authority family and ready to serve the residents and community of the City of Washington and Beaufort County.  The Washington Housing Authority will be embarking upon a journey that will usher in a new era for our agency.  This journey will begin to transform the landscape of our city and increase the affordable housing stock with new construction, rehabilitation of existing housing stock and promote homeownership.  WHA recognizes homeownership is the a gateway to building generational wealth and breaking the shackles of poverty.

We are excited to build our Resident Services Department by offering Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) as well as the Resident Opportunities for Self Sufficiency (ROSS) programs.  We are building exciting partnerships with local stakeholders to help remove barriers to self-sufficiency through economic empowerment and education.  WHA recognizes that we can not reach our goals alone and to optimize the services we offer, we must work together.

I want the youth that we serve to know we are here to nurture, support and encourage their goals as well.  WHA has revamped the Youth Scholarship program to the Youth Enrichment, Arts and Sports (YEAS) support to ensure we are inclusive in our efforts to encourage our youth to be productive members of the community.  WHA sponsored our first ever 3on3on9th Basketball Tournament to support the WHA Scholarship Fund.

Finally, we are a better trained, better prepared organization.  We are here to serve you...our families. 

Vanessa L. Dunn, MPA
Executive Director