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Greene Lamp

Greene Lamp has the Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) Program. The core of the project is based on the concept that stabilizing families for the long term, not just meeting immediate needs, is essential for reducing poverty.

This program assists low-income families in finding full-time employment. The most effective and efficient way to provide services to low-income people is through coordinated and consolidated efforts of all the resources available: human services agencies, faith-based organizations, schools, businesses, and government agencies. Also, training, education, and counseling are among the available intermediate and long-term strategies. Our Poverty Guidelines are 125%.

Project requirements: you must be 18 years old & older, A resident of Beaufort, Greene, Lenoir, or Pitt County., Must meet current HHS poverty income guidelines for family size, and be dedicated to working on barriers to becoming self-sufficient.

If you don't have any employment, we're able to assist with various barriers to help you to reach your goal of employment.

We assist with employment readiness and assessment, employment search/referral, interviewing techniques, resume and application preparation, education and training assessment, and money management.

Contact person: Amy Howard - Program Specialist
Cell phone - 252.933.0720
Email Amy