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Vendor Registration Instructions

Please follow these instructions to register for the marketplace as a vendor:

Click or Copy and Paste this URL: 

Step 1: Marketplace Registration

Click "Register your Company"
You will be redirected to a form that will allow you to Create an Account

Housing Agency marketplace. Customer Support: 1.866.526.9266 Washington Housing Authority register your company to be able to view and respond to requests. Already registered: Click here to login and view these and other requests . Bids (QSPs) by Washington Housing Authority. Submission Title Main Commodity/ Service Category No active QSPs. Solicitation# Buyer Phone Deadline Proposals (RFPs) by Washington Housing Authority. Proposal Submission Title Main Commodity/Service Category Solicitation# Buyer Phone Deadline No active RFPs. Quotes (RFQs) by Washington Housing Authority. Pro p osal Subm ission Title Main Commodity/Service Category Solicitation Number Buyer Phone Deadline No active QBSs.

Step 2: Creating an Account

Enter your company name and click on "Search Companies"
If no company is found, click on "Register your company."
If your company was found, follow the instructions to register as a salesperson.
Submit the request.

Create an Account. You can create a new company or join an existing one. Thu May 02 2019 08:45 AM EDT By creating this account, you are agreeing ,•ri lh the Housing~geni;y Market Place Vendor Agreement [Adobe Acrobat PDF Formal]. Please enter your company name below lo find out ii your company is already enrolled. 1. Company Information: Enter the name of your company as you would want the buyer to view (eg: Office Depot). Then click on the 'Search Companies' button Sample Company Name Search Companies

Step 3: Company Information

Complete the Company Information Form
You must include all information unless it states "optional"
Be sure to check either "None" on the MWBE Classification, or all boxes that apply to your company

Please enter your company informaliion below. Company Information: Pie.are ,enter your company information below. Note: All fields are required unless otherwise noted.  Company Name: Address: City: St ate: Post al Code: County : Country : Province: (option al) Time zone: Web Address: (option al) Contact Name: Contact Tit le: Cont act Phone: Contact Fax: (option al) Contact Email: Year Established: Number of Employees (include yourself): (option al) Sample Company 12 12 Main St Anytown Alaska (AK)

Step 4: Point of Contact

Complete Point of Contact (Site Administrator) Information
Click Submit

Point of Contact (Site Administrator)

Step 5: Company Services/Commodities List

Check each box that is appropriate to your business
You may use the "Click Here" link to search for codes
Click Save & Continue

User Profile User Commodities/Services Thu. May 02, 2019  Please check the commodities/services that you wish to receive emailed bid notifications in the future. Click here if you wish to search by suggested keywords that link to a specific commodity/service Once completed, please click on the

Step 6: Log in to the Marketplace

Enter your email address and password to enter our marketplace.
You will be prompted to check a site usage agreement before entering our Marketplace.
Once you check this box and hit submit, you will then be allowed to enter.

Housing Agency Marketplace HOMEPAGE E-mail: Samplecompany@gmail. Password: 1.............