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Payment Standard & Utility Allowances

Published HUD Fair Market Rent

  • 0 Bedroom $623
  • 1 Bedroom $627
  • 2 Bedroom $777
  • 3 Bedroom $1,077
  • 4 Bedroom $1,324     

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Utility Allowances
Effective: 12/1/2023

HUD publishes Proposed Fair Market Rents in September and finalizes them in October. The Housing Authority is required to implement these rents in a method called Payment Standards. Each PHA can set their payment standards from 90% to 110% of the Fair Market Rents. The rental market in each Housing Authority's local jurisdiction governs this process. WHA recommends that the Payment Standard be set at 100% of Fair Market Rent.  

The FMRs for unit sizes larger than four bedrooms are calculated by adding 15 percent to the four-bedroom FMR, for each extra bedroom. For example, the FMR for a five-bedroom unit is 1.15 times the four-bedroom FMR, and the FMR for a six-bedroom unit is 1.30 times the four-bedroom FMR.